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The Church St. Francis De Sales

After six years of honourable service, the Pinardi chapel increasingly became too small for the many young people coming to the Oratory. The first stone of a new church, dedicated to St Francis of Sales, was laid 20th July, 1851. It was consecrated 20th June, 1852, and for 16 years (until 1868) it remained the heart of the newly born Salesian Congregation.
From 1852 to 1856 the old and tired Mamma Margherita came to pray saying the rosary in its last rows of pews.
In 1854 Torino was struck by a terrible outbreak of cholera that killed more than three thousand people. A boy, who had nothing more with which to cover his sick, asked Don Bosco’s mother for something and Mamma Margherita brought him into this church and gave him the altar cloth saying, “Take it to your sick one. I don’t think the Lord will mind”.

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