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Don Bosco’s Thoughts

           ” Da mihi animas, coetera tolle ” – “Give me souls, take away the rest “


  • “It is enough for you to be young for me to love you very much.”
  • “I am really myself when with you: it is right that my life should be spent with you.”
  •  “As much as I am, I am for you. I do not have any other aim than to obtain your moral, intellectual and physical benefit.
  •  “For you I study, for you I work, for you I live and for you I am willing to give my life.”
  •  “I want to give you the formula for sanctity: first, be happy; second, study and pray; third, do good to everyone.”
  • “It is a proven fact that the most valid supports for youngsters are the sacraments of confession and communion.”
  • “Entrust everything to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are.”
  • “Young people must not only be loved; but they must know they are loved. He who knows he is loved and he who loves obtains everything, especially from the young.”
  • “We aim to form honest citizens and good Christians.”
  • “Only a Christian can successfully apply the Preventive System. It is totally based on reason, religion and kindness.”
  • “Busy yourself loving rather than fearing”.
  • “In matters that are for the good of young people at risk, or that serve to win souls for God, I run ahead to the point of rashness.”
  • “I don’t recommend to you penance and discipline, but work, work and work.”


  • The reasons we have for devotion to Our Lady are: Mary is the holiest of all creatures
  • Mary is the Mother of God. Mary is our Mother”
  • “Mary doesn’t do things by half.”
  • “Mary our Help has obtained, and always obtains, special, amazing and miraculous graces for those who strive to give a Christian education to young people at risk by their actions, by their advice, by their good example or simply by their prayer.”
  • “Mary wants the real thing and not appearances.” “The one who trusts in Mary will never be disappointed.”
  • “Mary is our guide, our teacher, our mother.”
  • “Mary most holy has always made herself a mother for us.”
  • “A great support for you, a powerful weapon against the wiles of the devil, dear youngsters, is to have devotion to Mary most holy.”
  • “Mary assures us that if we are devoted to her she will count us among her children, cover us with her mantle and shower us with blessings in this world so as to gain heaven for us.”
  • “Mary is God’s mother and our mother, powerful and holy, who ardently desires to shower us with heavenly favours.”
  • “In this world it’s as if we are in a stormy sea, in exile, in a vale of tears. Mary is the Star of the Sea, the comfort in our exile, the light that shows us the way to heaven drying our tears.”
  • “Mary most holy protects those who love her in all their needs, but she protects them especially at the hour of death.”
  • “Human mothers never abandon their children. So it is with Mary, who loves her children so much in life with such tenderness and such kindness, that she will not fail to protect them in their last moments when the need is greatest.”
  • “Love, honour, serve Mary. Work to make her known, loved and honoured by others. Not only will a son who has honoured this mother not perish, but he will even be able to hope for a great crown in heaven.”
  • “It is almost impossible to go to Jesus unless we go through Mary.”


  • “The one who prays applies himself to the most important thing of all.”
  • “For the Christian life prayer is an inseparable friend.”
  • “Prayer is the first food of the spirit just as bread is food for the body.”
  • “The one who doesn’t pray cannot persevere in virtue. St Augustine says, ‘He who learns to pray well lerans to live well.'”
  • “Pray for a priest is like water for a fish, air for a bird, a spring for a deer.”
  • “Prayer is like a weapon that we need always to have ready to defend ourselves in the moment of danger.”
  • “Prayer wins the heart of God.”
  • “We prepare ourselves for action with prayer and sacrifice.”
  • “Every morning offer to God the duties of the day.”
  • “In conversations, games and other pastimes occasionally raise your mind to Our Lord offering those actions to him.”
  • “When you pray keep to the right order of requests: in the first place ask for your spiritual good, pardon for your sins, enlightenment to know the will of God, the strength to persevere in his grace; then ask for your physical health, blessings for your family, freedom from misfortune and from danger at work.”
  • “Want to pray with an unlimited hope of being heard!”


  • “Let us look for much work to do much good.”
  • “Work is a great safeguard for morality.”
  • “Prayer is the first thing; and with prayer, work. The one who does no work has no right to eat.”
  • “Work for the Lord: heaven pays everything.”
  • “I do everything as if it were for the last time in my life. I work as if I still needed to live for many a long year.”
  • “Work and suffer for God who has worked and suffered so much for us.”
  • “Do what you can. God will do what you can’t do yourself.”
  • “Sanctify your work with the right intention, with acts of union with Our Lord and Our Lady and by doing the best you can.”
  • “Always work with the gentleness of St. Francis de Sales and with the patience of Job.”
  • “Woe to him who works for the world’s praise; the world is a bad debtor and pays only with ingratitude.”
  • “Man is born to work and only he who works lovingly and diligently finds work easy.”
  • “Heaven wasn’t made for idlers.”
  • “A little bit of heaven puts everything right.”
  • “With the works of charity we close the gates of hell and open the gates of heaven.”
  • “In your toils and pains don’t forget we have a great reward awaiting us in heaven.”


  • “Don Bosco is Italy’s treasure” (Pope Pius IX).
  • “Don Bosco is a giant of sanctity” (Pius XI).
  • “Don Bosco is one of the greatest glories of both the Church and Italy. (Pius XII).
  • “Don Bosco is a man of legend” (Victor Hugo).
  • “Don Bosco had a great heart for the poor, he saw Jesus in them..He knew that what he was doing for those youngsters he was doing for Jesus “. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).
  • “I’ve always loved Don Bosco very much for his mission among the young”. (Sister Lucia of Fatima).
  • “Saint John Bosco was “Father and Teacher of the young”. His particular secret was that of never deluding the profound aspirations of the young”. (John Paul II, 31st January 1988)

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