Mike McGlinchey Authentic Jersey First Floor | SALESIANS DON BOSCO | Mother House SDB Turin-Valdocco

First Floor


There are large pictures of Mamma Margaret, the dream little John had when he was nine, Saint John Bosco, Saint Dominic Savio, and the difference between Valdocco in 1864 (laying of the Basilica’s foundation stone) and 2001. The two plastic models, instead, show the existence of Valdocco in 1846 (when Don Bosco rented the shed attached to the Pinardi house and used it as a chapel) and the development of the complex in the years 1852-1859 (with the construction of other buildings and the Church of Saint Francis De Sales).

In the center of the room, there is a “touch-screen” computer, which can be operated manually with ease.
After choosing the language, these will be the aspects that can be looked into:
1 – Spiritual Journey  2 –  The Oratory  3 –  The Educative System  4 –  Don Bosco’s Spirituality 5 –  Salesian Holiness   6 –  The Successors of Don Bosco.


Together with photos of the Saint with his boys, at his desk, and with the first Salesian missionaries, there are two plastic models showing the development of Valdocco from 1868 (when the Basilica was completed) till now.
A “touch-screen” computer has the following topics:
1 – Environments of apostolic milieurs 2 – The Salesians in the World
3 – The SalesianFamily 4 – Virtual tour of the Rooms  5 – Virtual visit of the three Churche

Room 3 – Video – The Rooms/Camerette by Roberto FADDA: Immagini-e-musica

A short film may be seen here; it’s an introduction to what may be viewed on the second floor.

                  The Rooms / Camerette DB by Roberto FADDA: Immagini-e-musica
Ascending to the second floor, on the walls, two paintings of Crida are displayed:
1 – Don Bosco with Mamma Margaret and the Grey dog
2 – Don Bosco giving the Constitutions to Mother D. Mazzarello (= DMHC Sisters /or FMA / or Salesian Sisters).

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