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Thanks to…

Thanks to …

The pictures and part of the texts of this web site were taken from various sources. Sometimes the texts have been cut and integrated, often adapted and updated. We thank their authors. Many parts are original. This site on the Mother House of the Salesians in Torino-Valdocco has been designed, created and updated (2000-2017) by MARIO SCUDU , with the initial technical assistance by Paolo Battistetti.

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10 Responses to Thanks to…

  1. Web says:

    good morning, as for your request, please write to Fr Pierluigi CAMERONI SDB at the e-mail: pcameroni@sdb.org best wishes, WEB

  2. Web says:

    Good morning, as for your request, usually the don’t send relics to private individuals, but only to catholic Instituitions, such as Parishes, Seminaries etc…. anyway you should write to Fr. Pierluigi CAMERONI SDB, at pcameroni@sdb.org Best wishes, WEB

  3. Web says:

    Dear Ciro, I have never heard of Fr Peter Sella here among the Salesians of Torino… I have also checked on our provincial catalog… no Peter Sella… Sorry, WEB

  4. Web says:

    Good morning, you should contact again che Father who has suggested you to send 5 dollars… and ask him the international bank account… greeting, WEB

  5. Web says:

    Dear Marvin, we are glad of your intention to visit the Mother House of Don Bosco. As for your request: you can visit the Basica, the Rooms of Don Bosco etc. on your own… when you want.. you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the journey ‘studying’ on our website http://www.donbosco-torino.it . Ciao, WEB

  6. Web says:

    Please, write to fr Pierluigi CAMERONI SDB, who lives in Roma at the address: pcameroni@sdb.org.God bless, WEB

  7. Fraye Anona says:

    Hi sir mico can i asked you a favor ?

  8. Fraye Anona says:

    sir mico can i asked you a favor and please response to my message plesee sir… God Bless you and Your Family

  9. Web says:

    Please write to: m.ausiliatrice@tiscali.it Greetings, WEB

  10. Web says:

    Please write to: m.ausiliatrice@tiscali.it Greetings, WEB

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