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This shrine was built by St John Bosco as a monument to the Virgin Mary, with  the title HELP OF CHRISTIANS, as the Mother Church and spiritual centre of Salesian Congregation.
What we present is a ‘virtual pilgrimage’ through the most important parts of Torino-Valdocco, sanctified by the presence of St John Bosco. Among these is the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. True devotion to Mary leads us to Christ and the brothers and  sisters within the church and the world.
The stages of every true pilgrimage must be:

    Like the disciples of Emmaus, we need to find eternal life, joy and hope through Jesus and his word.
    Without this, spirituality cannot grow and there can be no adherence to what the Lord has taught us with his  word and work. 2bma_navata
    With God and our brothers and sisters through the sacrament of   Reconciliation. Together with the Eucharist,  Confession was one of the pillars of the spiritual and educational building of St John Bosco.
    This must be the climax of every pilgrimage. With the Eucharist, we unite with Jesus, our Saviour, the meaning and guiding light of our lives.
    On the cross, Jesus gave us Mary as our mother. We trust her as our guide, taking her as a model and source of help on our path towards Christ and the Father.
    Everything ought to lead to a renewal of our faith in Jesus Christ. Christianity is, in fact, much more than a cultural tradition, a body of truth and dogma or a code of ethical behaviour. It is a Person, it is Jesus Christ, Alive, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the Definer of our life.
    The experiences of our pilgrimage, real or virtual, remains pointless if afterwards, within ourselves, we don’t feel impelled to a greater obligation of love for God and for our neigbour, within our family, our occupation and in society.

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  1. Web says:

    Good evening, I’m sure that Fr Cameroni will answue you and grant what you have requested… God bless, WEB

  2. Web says:

    Dear Clement, outside Porta Nuova, just take bus n.52 (on the other side of the road) and it will take you in front of The Basilica Maria Ausiliatrice (near Rondò della Forca)… Saluti, WEB

  3. Web says:

    Please, contact the office of the Procura Missioni Don Bosco at the following address: info@missionidonbosco.org. best wishes, WEB

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