Hospitality at Valdocco

Beside the Basilica there is the ‘Casa Mamma Margherita’ that offers accommodation to groups of young and pilgrims.

Casa “Mamma Margherita”

FACILITIES: 90 beds, divided into two options:

* HOSTEL: a room with 33 beds; a room with 10 beds;
a room with 8 beds; one with 5 beds and one with 2 beds each.
* HOTEL: We have 3 single rooms, 10 double and 2 triple
* OPEN: all year, except a short period at  Christmas, Easter – August 15. 
* Available: church, rooms, courtyards, places for packed lunches.

ADDRESS: Casa Mamma Margherita
Via Maria Ausiliatrice 32 – 10152 Torino-Valdocco, Italy
d. Rafael GASOL  sdb,  Tel. 011.5224.201 / Fax 011.5224.680
Sig.ra Chiara FREGUGLIA – Sig.ra Giusy DEMURTAS
————INFO Hospitality:

Other possibilities for accomodation (Salesians):

AVIGLIANA (20 Km – Autostrada Torino-Bardonecchia-Frejus):
TEL. 011.932.88.27 / FAX 011.932.82.66 E-mail:
SAN BENIGNO CANAVESE (20 km da Torino) / Piazza Guglielmo da Volpiano 2 – Tel. 011-9824300 /311 – E-mail:

2 Responses to Hospitality at Valdocco

  1. Joe Vilmain says:

    I have an elderly acquaintance here in the United States who was educated at the Don Bosco school in Valdocco (I’m guessing as he says Torino). He feels a lifetime of indebtedness to the school and Don Bosco. He has traveled a wonderful journey taking him into the field of medicine and he has been for year a medical doctor. As he plans his future and his estate he is wondering if there’s a way that he can support the school of his youth. I’ve searched the web to try and find a “school” website and potentially a charitable contact but to no avail, can you assist? Thank you and God bless you.

    • Web says:

      Good morning Joe, your friend is right, Valdocco is only the zone of Torino in which is located the Don Bosco’s School and indeed the Mother House of the Salesian Congregation. Don Bosco started his whole work for the youth here. Even today we have a School named ‘Don Bosco’ for boys and girls (age 11-14 yearas, they are 260!). If your friend wants to give a donation, he can write to the Rector (Fr Cristian BESSO SDB) of the Basilica Mary the Helper ,(partially built by Don Bosco!) at he following address:, ascking him for the internazional bank account… Greetings, WEB

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