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Personal Commitments

Personal commitments of the members

Personal membership of the association implies the following commitments:

1) In accordance with the Church, of which Mary is the model, to emphasise the participation in the liturgy, in particular sacraments like the Holy Communion and the Reconciliation, in the practice of personal christian life.
2) to live and spread devotion to Mary the Help of Christians in accordance with Don Bosco’s spirit and in harmony with the renovation of the Salesian Family;
3) to renew, strengthen and live popular piety, for example: on the 24th of each month the commemoration, the rosary, the novena in preparation for the feast of Mary Help of the Christians, the blessing of Mary Help of Christians, etc.;
4)  to pray for all those with a vocation within the Church: both lay, religious and ministerial vocations; and to assist Salesian vocations with all available means;
5)  to imitate Mary by creating a welcoming Christian environment in one’s family, helping poor young people with both prayer and action.
6)  to live everyday life in an evangelic manner, especially thanking God for the wonders he continuously performs, and by being faithful to him, as Mary was, even in difficult and painful times .
The Members share the spiritual wealth of the Salesian family. Moreover they benefit of the prayers that rise from the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Torino and in all the churches where the Association is present. When a member dies all the members of their group are invited to participate to a commemorative Mass….

Sharing spiritual wealth

Aggregation to the Sanctuary of Mary Our Help in Torino-Valdocco:

“The Association of Mary Help of Christians is permanently linked to the Torino-Valdocco Sanctuary.
One can say that Mary not only helped in the construction, as witnessed by Don Bosco, but also extended her protection to the whole world. That’s why the association is called upon to stay united in this holy place” (from a letter of Fr. Egidio Viganò, the Rector Major, to the Sanctuary Rector).
As a symbol of its aggregation, each local association, nourishes a special community and solidarity with the Torino-Valdocco Mary Help of Christians Sanctuary and with the first organisation founded there…

Entrust everything to the Holy Jesus and Mary our Help and you will see what miracles are . (DON BOSCO)

The Association within the Salesian Family

The members are part of the Salesian Family “because of the Salesian devotion to Mary Help of Christians as instituted by Don Bosco himself.
This means a commitment :

*   to honour Mary, Mother and Helper of the Church,
**   by participating in the young and popular mission of Don Bosco, especially
***   in developing and defending the christian faith among people.

Within the Salesian Family, the association emphasises the peculiar value of the popular devotion for Mary as a means of evangelization and promotion of the working class and the youth in need.
It acknowledges the Rector Major, Don Bosco’s successor, as father and centre of the entire Family.

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