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The main aims of the Association:

  1. To encourage the worship of the Blessed Sacrament and the devotion to Mary Help of Christians”(Don Bosco, Association of the Devotees of Mary Help of Christians, San Benigno Canavese, 1890, page 33).
  2. “Don Bosco established the Association of Mary Help of Christians connecting it with commitments easily fulfilled by most common people, to the spirituality and the mission of the Salesian Congregation” (CG 24 SDB, 1996, NR. 80).
  3. “It offers a way of santification and of apostolate” (Memorie Biografiche vol.7, 334) secondo il carisma di Don Bosco (Memorie Biografiche 7,334 e Reg. 2).


The Young Shepherdess’ shows in a dream to Giovannino, who is nine years old, the people and the ways of his future mission (MB 1,123 and following).
In 1844 he dreams about the lambs that will follow him till the destination of the journey: a courtyard, a church, many lambs that change into shepherds, a second wonderful and high church with the words: “HERE IS MY HOUSE, FROM HERE MY GLORY” . To the questions don Bosco asks, the young Shepherdess answers: “When you see… you will understand” (MB 1,243). In 1845 in a dream he sees many young people, a small church, a much bigger one..and the Young Shepherdess who steps on the ground and says: In this place where Avventor and Solutor suffered martyrdom…

On April 5, 1846 Don Bosco recognised the Pinardi House which he had seen several times in his dreams and understands (MB 2,245). From that day to June 9,1868 the day on which the Sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians was consacrated, Don Bosco sees his dreams come true and once the ‘House’ is built, here come the pilgrims. Don Bosco entrusts to them the spreading of the glory of Mary Help of Christians in the world with the Association (Don Rua, June 23, 1909). He obtains the erection of the Association from the Archbishop of Torino, A. Riccardi, on April 18, 1869.
Pope Pius IX on April 5, 1870 raises it to Archconfraternity with the right to aggregate the Associations having the same name and regulations in the Archdiocese of Torino.
In 1876 Don Bosco creates the Salesian Cooperators with a stronger salesian commitment but on march 2,1877 he obtains the right to aggregate the Associations of the entire Piedmont.
In 1889 Leo XIII authorises Don Rua to ERECT AND to AGGREGATE the Associations in the Salesian Churches and in 1894 also in the Salesian Houses over the world; in 1896 he can aggregate the ones of the diocesan churches.
On july 5, 1989 the Rector Major , Father Egidio Viganò, acknowledges the fact that the ADMA belongs to the Salesian Family since it comes from its original source and stresses the importance of the Sanctuary at Torino-Valdocco. (Letter written by Father E. Viganò to the members on July 24, 1989).
——————— It is the Second Group of the Salesian Family founded by Don Bosco!

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